How to send postcards to residents and other players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tell your friends about how your island is doing and send them a gift.

When you want to see how your friends are doing online in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you don’t have to send them a text message. Instead, you have the option to send them a postcard. You can do this once the Dodo airport opens up, and you have access to the multiplayer and local co-op features in the game.

After the airport opens up and introduce yourself to Orville, to the right of him, there’s a card stand you can freely access to check out the diverse selection of postcards available. You will want to bring 200 Bells with you to pay for one, though.

When you have enough money to purchase one, you need to choose where to send it. You have the option of picking one of the residents of your island or you can send it elsewhere, giving it another player you may have met during your Animal Crossing adventure. When you make the decision and pick the resident or player you want to receive it, you can choose from the backgrounds for your card. A handful of them will only be available for a limited while others will always remain available for you to pick.

Now, you need to write out the message, and you can inform the recipient whatever you want to tell them. You can even include a gift in the postcard if you have anything in your inventory you want to give to that individual.

You can send these postcards out to other players as much as you’d like, especially if there’s an item you want to give them that they could be having trouble locating in their game. It’s a great way to exchange messages about particular playthroughs, and to share in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience.