How to share a hug with a Fall Guy in Fall Guys – Fall Bae guide

Just hug it out.

Fall Guys

Image via Devolver Digital

There’s a lot of madness and competition in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Most of the time, you find yourself being caught up in everything that’s happening in the wacky antics of the competition, and a particular strategy of many players is to grab onto another to pull them down off the map. An achievement in the game is called Fall Bae, and it requires you to a share a hug with a Fall Guy.

What the achievement is implying is that you need to grab onto an opponent in the middle of a match. The person may attempt to break away from you, but the result is likely about preventing them from reaching the end of the game, or from jumping off a ledge to clear a gap. The achievement details that the grab needs to be a hug. When you grab them, they should not move as freely as they did without your grip.

The complete the achievement, you need to also have them return the grab. It’s easy to complete this when you have another party member playing the same game as you, so if you have a friend, grab them and then have them do the same for you and it should pop up. It’s a bit more complicated when you’re playing by yourself because the person you grab is probably more focused on running away from you, and not trying to return the hug. It’s a pretty quick achievement, though.