How to sign up for PS5 system software beta program

The beta program sign-up is now live.

Image via Sony

Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, received its last major software update in April. One which introduced features such as USB extended storage, cross-generation Share Play, an improved Game Base, and other UI enhancements and social features. This time around, the company wants its player-base’s input in crafting its next major update and plans to get valuable feedback through the first ever system software beta program.

The beta program is simple enough to register for, but requires a valid PSN account in good standing. The beta is only available for those in the the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany, or France — any other region and you’ll be given an error message.

In order to start, first go to the registration site and you’ll be greeted with this page:

Screengrab by Gamepur

The rest of the page has important information on it, so make sure to read it thoroughly. But to summarize the main points you must be 18 or older, located in the one of the previously mentioned regions, have a valid PSN account with a current email, and must submit accurate and complete reports to Sony in either English or Japanese.

Screengrab by Gamepur

Once you’re finished reading it over, long into your PSN account (the link is in the top right corner of the page). After logging in (or creating a new account if necessary), the following text will appear at the bottom of the page.

Screengrab by Gamepur

Simply click the “I agree” box and the “Submit” button will fill in, then click on it to finish the process. If everything goes through, you’ll receive a “Thank you for registering” in place of the previous text.

According to the blog post, if you’re chosen for the program you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the beta version of the next system software. At that point you need a working PlayStation 5 with reliable internet (you can sign up now without a PS5, however). And at anytime after the beta starts, participants will be able to revert back to the last officially released system version before the beta ends.