How to sign up for the Diablo: Immortal closed beta

The mobile spin-off’s testing remains limited to only a few countries.

Image via Blizzard

Despite the full game’s release being pushed back into 2022, Diablo: Immortal’s closed beta has officially arrived. However, like its alpha, this testing period is limited to Android users in only a handful of countries via invitation. Here are the requirements needed to download the Diablo: Immortal beta.

Firstly, this current testing period of the mobile game can only be played by registering for it. At the time of writing, only Android owners in Canada and Australia are currently eligible for invites, with registered users in South Korea, Japan, and China expected to be accepted in later on. To ensure Blizzard invites you, head to Diablo: Immortal’s home page to begin the registration process.

Those registering in those select countries should expect their invitation sooner rather than later, as Blizzard ensured “tens of thousands” of players will be brought in during the closed beta. Unfortunately, for Diablo fans that don’t meet the requirements, the one possible solution to play Diablo: Immortal may only be by using a VPN.

According to the developer, the beta will last just “under three months.” During this time, players will be able to experience a variety of tests that deal with the game’s “late-game systems and controller support.” As for the full version of Diablo: Immortal, Blizzard remains firm on targeting a first half of 2022 release for both Android and iOS devices, but an official launch date has not been made public yet.