How to sign up for the Payday Crime War mobile beta

It’s going down in December.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Payday Vimeo

Crime War is a new take on the Payday formula and not just because it’s coming to mobile devices. The beta is coming in December, and registration is open now.

You can sign up for a chance to play through SurveyLegend. You’ll need to select iOS or Android and name the device you’ll be playing on. Note that you’ll also need a Gmail account specifically other email addresses won’t do. Not everyone who registers will be selected to try the beta, but those who are will be notified via email. Registration closes on December 1, just a few days before the beta begins on December 6.

Developer Starbreeze states on the registration site that “many features will be hidden or disabled” during the beta so that it can focus on a few key elements. These include controls and movement, weapon handling, and network optimization. The new PvP game mode is also understandably a big focus.

Yes, Crime War has a brand-new mode that lets one team control the cops as they try to take down the criminals. Law enforcement already throws a big wrench into the system when it shows up in the regular co-op mode, so putting players in that role will only make things more intense. Hopefully, that mode makes an appearance in Payday 3 too, whenever its 2023 release date comes around. At least we know it’ll take us to New York and into the digital age.