How to sign up for Twitch Soundtrack

Invite only, for now.

How to sign up for Twitch Soundtrack?

If you have ever streamed on Twitch, you might be well aware of the copyright policies prevalent in the platform. Whether you are a small or a big streamer, using licensed music on your stream can land yourself a DMCA report. Fortunately, there is now a way for streamers to play music on their streams without getting into trouble.

Twitch has announced Soundtrack, a music streaming service especially made for streamers on its platform. Streamers can start using Soundtrack already; however, they need an invite to do so.

If you don’t have an invite yet, you need to head on to the Twitch Soundtrack page and login with your Twitch account and click on the “Join the Waitlist” option. You will be notified via email when you are selected. Soundtrack is compatible with OBS Studio v26.0 or later. Twitch Studio and Streamlabs OBS compatibility will be added in the days to come.

Soundtrack has over 1 million songs on release and is partnered with leading labels such as Soundcloud, Monstercat, DistroKid, Insomniac, and many more. With Twitch promising diversified genres, more labels, and the wider availability of the platform soon, it should be interesting to see if the service turns out to be a success.