How to simulate practice in F1 22


Image via EA Sports

Practice sessions in Formula 1 accomplish a number of different tasks. Not only can drivers get a sense of where their vehicle is prior to the race, but it also provides an ample opportunity to get acquainted with the nuances and turns of each course. If you are new to Formula 1 and specifically F1 22, it would probably be a wise move to take your time in practice and work out the kinks. But if you don’t need it, or want to jump straight to the race, you can skip right through and simulate to the race.

So, how can you simulate practice in F1 22? Let’s take a look.

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How to simulate practice

Let’s start off with how to simulate practice in Career mode. In Career mode, so long that ‘Practice Format’ is set to a setting that is not Off, go to the ‘Practice’ tab. To simulate the event, you can do one of two things. First, instead of pressing A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation), you’ll want to press X/Square to simulate the event.

Now if you don’t want to skip out on the boosts and info that can be received from a practice, but don’t want to actually race, select it, and then click on the ‘Quick Practice.’ From here, pick the tests, and go through it in a simulated setting.

Alternatively, you can select the Qualifying or Race portion of the event with either A/X to skip the practice altogether.

If you do not want a practice format to be used in Career mode, go up to the top-right tab and find the ‘Practice Format’ setting. Click it with either A or X to turn it to ‘Off.’

In a Grand Prix event, players can either shut off the practice option in F1 22 by setting ‘Practice Format’ to Off.

If you want to skip practice, but keep the qualifying portion of the weekly events intact, make sure to not turn those off. Players will have the option in both traditional Grand Prix events, as well as in Career mode, to turn the qualifying portion either on or off.