How to Slice an Oggdo’s Tongue in Jedi: Fallen Order


The Oggdo is a creature Cal can encounter on Bogano in Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s a large, toad-like creature. There’s a stronger one called the Oggdo Bogdo, which has a powerful enough exterior to resistant even the hit from a lightsaber. During a fight, the beast will use its tongue against Cal, giving players the chance to slice it off.

Before you fight these creatures, you need to make sure you have the Force Pull ability active on Cal.

The attack you’re looking for happens when the Oggdo crouches down and tosses its tongue above its head. When the tongue fires out, and Cal is on the other end, he’ll get sucked into the Oggdo Bogdo’s mouth and take a lot of damage. You don’t need to wait for the attack. With Force Pull, you can rip it out of the creature whenever you want to attack it, pulling the tongue out.

Run over to the tongue and use Cal’s lightsaber to slice it. It’s going to cut off the creature’s tongue, earning you the “Cal Got Your Tongue?” achievement. It works on the regular Oggdo creatures and the larger Oggdo Bogdo. Make sure you’re close to the base of the mouth to cut it off.