How to solve the Ishine Script wall puzzle in Mt. kanna in Genshin Impact

The mystery behind Mt. Kanna symbols.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of Tevyat is full of secrets and mysteries Mt. Kanna, in particular, is a location that is home to many enigmas and puzzles. Deep within Mt Kanna, players will encounter peculiar symbols inscribed on the mountain walls. These symbols are part of a puzzle that players need to solve using a specific gadget.

How to solve the Ishine Script wall puzzle in Mt. kanna

 To solve the Ishine Script wall puzzle, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Head towards the entrance of the cave at the top of Mt. Kanna.
  • Along with symbols, you’ll come across Thunderbird Statue in front of a Thunder Sakura Bough. Interact with the Thunderbird Statue using the Peculiar Pinion gadget.
  • Once done, you’ll notice four glowing symbols. You need to interact with the corresponding symbols on the wall. However, symbols on the wall might be hard to reach; hence, summon an Electrograna using the nearby Thunder Sakura Bough. This will help you reach symbols on the wall easily.
  • Each time you touch the correct corresponding symbol, it will start glowing. You need to touch four symbols: fork, Seelie, triangle, and circle, and the order doesn’t matter.
  • Once done, a precious chest wil appear nearby, finishing the puzzle.

It’s worth noting that players won’t be able to complete the puzzle without the Peculiar Pinion gadget. The gadget can be obtained by completing the Octave of the Maushiro World Quest.