How to solve the mystery of the stones at Autake Plains – clue and slate locations – Genshin Impact

Misty mountain.

For the final mystery of the stones puzzle, players will need to make their way to Autake Plains. Here, things will play out a little differently. Head for the waypoint and interact with the statue by using the Peculiar Pinion. After that, walk toward the nearest bird statue that has some small tablets near it, with a large pillar stone behind it.

A brief cutscene will play, then players can use their Pinion to activate the statue and have three Seelies appear. Players will need to follow each Seelie through the fog, activating stone torches as they go, to get to the location of some tablets. Each Seelie will lead you to one tablet, so follow it carefully.

Be careful not to get lost in the mist as this will reset your progress. Once you have all three tablets, the location of which are shown on individual maps below, then return to the main bird statue and place them on the broken stones beneath the Seelies.

Slate #1 Location

Slate #2 Location

Slate #3 Location

After that, players will see the Seelies sink into the large stone pillar, and symbols will appear on it, and the tablets. The order on the pillar is the order in which they need to be activated used Electro abilities or attacks.

After that, make your way to the waypoint to finish up the quest.