How to solve the “row 2 column 1” code in Dark Water in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Which digit does Graves need?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dark Water is the 12th mission in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign. It takes place on an oil rig and a ship somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. You, playing as John “Soap” McTavish, must board the oil rig along with Soap, Alejandro, Graves and his Shadow Company mercenaries, in order to stop the launch of a missile aimed at a target on U.S. soil, namely New Orleans. But it doesn’t quite turn out that way.

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After you’ve fought your way through the oil rig to its helipad, where the missile container is located, you discover that the missile controls aren’t in the container. Instead, they’re on the nearby ship, so you zip back down to the dinghy and get a ride over to the ship. After fighting your way along the entire length of the ship’s deck, and clearing all the hallways and rooms inside, you reach the ship’s bridge and find the missile controls. But you’re too late; the missile launch sequence has progressed too far, and cannot be aborted. General Shepherd orders you to re-target the missile at the oil rig instead. This is a two-man job with Graves on his tablet, and you on the missile controls themselves.

What is the answer to “row TWO, column ONE”?

On Graves’ prompt, interact with the missile controls. Then, when he tells you to press the ‘Clear’ and ‘Mode’ keys at the same time, press the buttons on your controller marked ‘CLR’ and ‘MODE’ on the missile controls (Square/X and Circle/B) at the same time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Then, when Graves says he needs the last digit on row two, column one, you’re given four choices: Letter ‘C’, Number ‘8’, Letter ‘L’, and Number ‘0’. The table on the missile controls screen has seven rows and four columns, and the value in the second row and first column is “0X110000FFC”. By “digit”, he technically means “character”, so the correct answer is Letter ‘C’. Select Letter ‘C’ and the missile will launch, then come straight back down onto the rig, destroying it in spectacular fashion.