How to solve the World Shell Marble Puzzle in Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm

Don’t lose your marbles.

Image via Gamepur

Marble puzzles make a return in Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC. The World Shell puzzle can be quite confusing, so in this guide, we will walk you through the solution.

The first thing to do is head into the small building in the center and grab the marble that is in there. There is no trick to getting this one, so just pick it up and then take it out the door and turn to your left.

You will see two small divots in the ground that look perfectly marble shaped. Drop the marble in one of them, the go to the middle and grab the marble there and bring it to the other divot. When both of them are in place, the gate that was barring your way will lift up, and you can head inside the small building.

You will find a hole in the roof, so jump up through it and hit the large cube there with your axe to make it smaller. Bring it down through the hole and drop it on the pressure pad. Hit it with your axe again to make it larger, then grab the marble that is freed when the pressure plate is activated.

Now, take all three marbles to the middle and line them up on the left or right side. From there, head up to the highest point where you find a small room with a barred door, and unlit brazier, and some burning fires. Send an arrow through the fire and into the brazier to light it and activate a pressure pad on the floor. Step on the pad facing the small room and the door will lift up.

Now, use your dash to get through the door before it closes, hit the button inside, and grab the marble. Bring it to the center and place it on the opposite side to the one you already filled.

Now it is off to the last section on the left, which contains two marbles. Break the red crystal on the right of the structure to get a cube, and drop it on the pressure plate. Grab the marble with your telekinesis and let it drop to the bottom, then drag it to the left and put it in the divot.

This will deactivate another energy wall up top, allowing you to grab the large cube and pull it all the way to the right, setting it down on a pressure pad there. Go back to the top left and grab the other marble, then bring both marbles out the whole in the front of the structure on the lower right side.

Take both these marbles back to the center, place them in the divots on the side, and the puzzle will be complete.