How to start Conquest Mode in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Operation Motherland

Head to the future and battle for Auroa once more.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Operation Motherland adds an entirely new way to play the game: Conquest Mode. All players can access it, but you may not realize how. This guide covers how you can start this new campaign as soon as possible.

How to start Conquest Mode

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you first load up Ghost Recon Breakpoint after downloading the Operation Motherland update, you’ll be greeted with a new title screen. It informs you of all the new content in the update and asks if you’d like to start the new campaign immediately. You can hold the button shown if you want to, but you can also wait until you’ve finished Operation Greenstone before you start.

If you choose to wait, you can pick up Operation Motherland from the in-game menu. It’s located on the same screen as the other world-alteration sliders that allow you to change the number of Outcasts or enemies on Auroa.

In Conquest Mode, you’re taken to the island of Auroa three months after the end of Operation Greenstone. Every major military force in the world has created a blockade around the island while politicians battle it out for the rights to the technology it holds. In the meantime, the Ghosts have been redeployed to help the Outcasts that are still living there.