How to start New Game + Mode in Resident Evil Village

Start all over again.

Resident Evil Village does have a New Game + mode, but players will need to jump through a couple of hoops to get to it. First, they will need to beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty. Once they have overcome the final boss, they will be giving the option to save their game.

Players will need to save their “Completed Save Game”, then go to the main menu. From here, they will need to load the Completed Story Save, and select the difficulty they wish to play at.

In New Game +, players get to keep all their unlocks from the save file they are using to launch it. All weapons, upgrade, money, meals, progress on collectibles, etc will carry over into the New Game +.

Once the New Game + has begun, you can start saving it in a slot of it’s own to maintain the original Completed Save File is you want to be able to start another run at any time. This is very useful for people who plan on doing NG+ speedruns.