How to start farming chickens in Farming Simulator 22

Get into the egg game.


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Farming Simulator 22 is packed with industries for you to get your teeth into. Of course, you can stick to farming fields, harvesting, cultivating, fertilizing, and planting, but you can also get into the livestock business. While there are animals you can sell for their meat, you don’t have to get into that industry if you want to avoid it. In this guide, we’ll cover how to start farming chickens and selling their eggs for profit.

Step 1: Buy a chicken enclosure

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The first thing you need to do is buy a chicken enclosure. Open the main menu and navigate to the build option, the icon with three lines on it. From here, you can choose the Construction option and then move along to the Animals tab. Finally, select Chickens, and you’ll be presented with two enclosures that you can build. One can hold 30 chickens, and the other can hold 160. Select your enclosure and place it on your farm. You can only place the enclosure on land you own.

Step 2: Buy and feed the chickens

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Once the enclosure is placed, you can walk up to it and open the buy menu. This will bring you to the Animal Dealer screen, where you can choose from various types of chicken. The cheaper chickens take two months, two in-game days before they’ll start laying eggs, whereas the more expensive ones will start laying straight away. You should only buy a rooster if you want to breed your chickens. Buy enough chickens to fill your enclosure, and you’ll be on the road to profit.

You need to provide enough food for your chickens, so you’ll have to acquire some grain by harvesting it or purchasing it from the shop. Fill up a trailer with the grain, then drive it over to the enclosure. You’ll be prompted to dump the grain into the feeding area, and only the required amount will be taken. Keep an eye on the level of food in your enclosure to ensure that your chickens always have enough. If they don’t, your egg production will suffer.

Step 3: Sell the eggs

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As each day passes, the eggs will build up outside of the chicken enclosure. Finally, you can pick up the cartons of eggs, put them in your pickup truck, and drive them to the location where you’ll get the best price.