How to start the Bounty of Blood DLC in Borderlands 3

It’s high noon.

The third DLC in Borderlands 3, Bounty of Blood, is now available for you to play. You can access this content by making an individual purchase for the item or by having purchased the first season pass. Following a short update to your Borderlands 3 game, you should now start the DLC content at any time. You can tackle it and start playing after you have to the Sanctuary III ship.

At the back of the Sanctuary III ship, there is a table in the center of the room, in the middle of a quick-change station and the lost loot machine. On top of the table, there should be a wanted poster, which should also have a quest icon above it. Interact with the bounty and accept the quest to start the Bounty of Blood. You should receive a quest called Blood from a Stone where you need to navigate to Gehenna.

Once you have the quest, you need to proceed to the front of your ship to travel to the new planet. It should be the last option on the travel menu. Click on it, move to the planet, and use a drop pod to land on the new world. Gehenna will have plenty of new challenges, quests, weapons, and you can use these additional quests to reach the new level cap of 60.