How to start the Endwalker expansion in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Time to wrap up the story.

Screengrab from Square Enix

The Final Fantasy XIV Online expansion, Endwalker, has arrived and will be available to early access players on December 3 and then available to everyone else who buys the expansion on December 7. If you did not preorder the game or provide the early access information for Endwalker, you would not be able to access the content before December 7. After buying it, where do you go in the Endwalker expansion in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Right now, leading up to the game going down for maintenance 24 hours before the expansion launches into early access, the Final Fantasy XIV patch notes have not detailed where you’ll need to go for the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest. There are many theories, such as making sure to log out in Mor Dhona, close to the Rising Stones. We cannot confirm this information, though.

It’s the best theory we have had for the time. However, when you log into the game, you’ll see the name of the following Main Scenario Quest you need to complete on the upper left corner, making it easy to begin Endwalker.

We’ll be updating this guide for the exact location of the starting Endwalker Main Scenario Quest when it becomes available. These quests will unlock additional content and dungeons and lead you to level up and reach level 90. The best way to reach level 90 is to go through these quests or complete other dungeons with friends and other players.