How to start the Endwalker Hildibrand story side quest in Final Fantasy XIV

The best gentleman story ever told.

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The Hildibrand saga has been the most popular side quest story in Final Fantasy XIV since the days of A Realm Reborn. It has become so loved that Square Enix usually continues the narrative in every expansion. Shadowbringers was the first time that Hildibrand did not receive any content, likely due to the development setbacks caused by the pandemic. Luckily, this hilarious tale is continuing in Patch 6.15.

How to unlock the Hildibrand quest chain

In order to pick up the Endwalker Hildibrand quest, players will have needed to complete the initial main campaign for Endwalker and all the side quests involved in his story up to this point.

Players just beginning this chain can start it by speaking with Wymond at X:9.8 Y:8.7 in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald to obtain the quest The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen on a level 50 discipline of war or magic. You can then follow this chain through to the end.

Heavensward added further Hildibrand adventures. After completing the previous chain, level 60 players can then speak to Nashu Mhakaracca at X:5.9 Y:9.9 in Ishgard to receive the A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies quest. Complete all the quests in this chain to proceed.

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Stormblood allowed level 70 players to continue the story by picking up the A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East quest from the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man at X:10.6 Y:9.8 in Kugane. Following this through and completing the Don’t Do the Dewprism quest will catch the player up to the Endwalker narrative.

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Where to start the Endwalker Hildibrand quest

Once the above prerequisites are met, players can find an Excitable Youth at X:11.8 Y:11.2 in Radz-at-Han. He will offer the quest The Sleeping Gentleman to level 90 discipline of war or magic jobs, which is the first quest in the Hildibrand Endwalker storyline. At the moment, the chain will end after two quests, but it will definitely continue in future patches.

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Players looking to check out more of what Patch 6.15 has to offer can unlock the Arkasodara tribe quests and the custom delivery NPC Ameliance Leveilleur.