When will the new Hildibrand sidequests be available in Final Fantasy XIV? – answered

Everyone’s favorite wackly gentleman returns!

Image via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.1 — Newfound Adventure has given fans a ton of new content to explore since its release. Square Enix is not done with this patch yet, as 6.15 will be releasing on June 7 to add the rest of the promised content. The Arkasodara tribe quests will be added, and players can also get excited for the continuing story of everyone’s favorite wacky gentleman, Hildibrand!

Fans have been waiting for the return of Hildibrand for quite some time now. It is one of the most prominent and popular side story quest chains in the game, and has had new additions to it with almost every expansion. Shadowbringers was the first expansion to exclude Hildibrand from patch content, most likely do to development setbacks from the pandemic.

Image via Square Enix

The Hildibrand storyline gained popularity because it is an extremely wacky series with hilarious characters and situations that you wouldn’t find in the main scenario. It also allowed the developers to play around with ridiculous facial animations and provide new and funny rewards for players to collect, such as the gentleman’s pose and Manderville Dance emote.

The new Hildibrand story will likely continue throughout the rest of Endwalker’s patches, and 6.15 will only start off the story that will be told. The last side quest ended on a cliffhanger, and players have only been able to guess what has happened to Hildibrand in the time since. He did show up briefly as a cameo in a Shadowbringers post-launch dungeon, but he was easily missable and it was unclear whether it was just an easter egg or intentional. Players will find out soon enough!