How does Karma work in BitLife?

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Karma in BitLife is a stat you may consider as you progress the game with your character. It will slowly add up as you select specific actions in the game, and you can quickly lose it if you do more harmful things throughout a character’s life. Eventually, horrible things can happen to a character with low Karma. Here’s what you need to know about how Karma works in BitLife.

What does Karma do in BitLife?

Your character will begin building up Karma the moment they’re born, and you begin to make decisions for them. Typically, it’s a hidden stat you can’t immediately see on the front screen. However, you can directly find it by choosing to meditate. This option is underneath the Mind and Body tab in the Activities screen. Here, you can choose to meditate, and then you will be able to see your character’s overall Karma. Having a higher Karma increases the chances of your character living an older life, and it helps them ensure they can survive dangerous situations.

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The best thing to have in BitLife is a positive Karma. You can increase it by making positive choices with your character, such as choosing to apologize, giving gifts to friends and family, helping someone, saving a life, or supporting someone when they come to you with a problem.

Adversely, your character’s Karma can go down. This will happen if you choose to assault someone, argue with them, commit a crime, try drugs, cheat on a significant other, or do any horrible thing available to your character in BitLife. When you reach a lower Karma, bad things will happen to your character more often.

You may want to check your character’s Karma often while they’re out committing crimes or doing bad things. If you see your character doing these negative actions, we recommend going out of your way to do nice things to increase this stat.