How to attend parties in BitLife

It’s time to party.

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Attending parties in BitLife is a good way to socialize, and it’s a fun way for your character to interact with close friends. It’s an activity you can do while playing the game, and it might be a request for specific challenges you want to finish in a timely fashion. In this guide, we detail how you can attend parties in BitLife.

How to go to parties

Your character will need to have multiple friends if they want to attend parties. A party is not going to a nightclub, and in our experience, it is not a random event. Attending a party is something you can do with any of your character’s friends, at any age. We did this when our characters were at least 10 years old.

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Your character will acquire friends naturally when they attend school. After they become friends, make sure to go to the relationships tab and spend time with them, or click the “Spend Time With All…” option at the bottom to increase your relationship levels with all your friends. This will ensure you maintain your friends throughout your life, which is necessary for having a party.

After you have a handful of friends, click on any of them, and scroll down the list of things you can do together. There should be a “Party” option above the “Prank” choice. Click it, and the two of you will party together.

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You can do this as many times as you like, and there will be different results of enjoyment for your character and their friend. Doing this activity is a good way to increase your relationship with them, and blow off some steam.