How to survive Slime Climb in Fall Guys

Don’t let this tricky game take you down. It’s time to adapt and show this deadly race what you are made of.

Slime Climb jump

If you’ve been on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ social media, you’ve probably seen the meme “All my homies hate Slime Climb” spammed in the comments. It’s true that when you first begin playing Fall Guys, that Slime Climb is by far the hardest early-round game because it’s the only race where you can also be eliminated if you fall into the rising slime.

That said, if you take this deadly obstacle course one obstacle at a time, it’s a lot more manageable. Think of it as a bunch of little games back to back. Even if the stakes are high, each has their own trick or strategy.

Tips and tricks beat every obstacle in Slime Climb

  1. Bounce Ahead. On the first obstacle, you can jump on the yellow blow-up triangle to bounce into the middle of the ledge and skip over some of the work. This will get you ahead of the rising slime if you get it right the first try.
  2. Stay on the inside. The rolling balls on the second obstacle may slow you down, but if you stay on the inside, they most likely will not knock you off.
  3. Time your jumps. This obstacle is tricky because the moving platforms aren’t in sync with each other. If you jump at the wrong time, both platforms will push out and knock you off. The important thing is jumping when there is enough space between their inward states that you have time to stand on both. Jump and dive to make it home free on the second jump.
  4. Go against the grain. It’s important to walk against the direction of the conveyor belt actively. This way, you will not be knocked off by the moving polls or the conveyor belt itself.
  5. The path of least resistance. When you need to walk across the cylinders, if there are other players on them, always go for the least populated obstacle, as it’s very easy to be pushed off by another player.
  6. Walk on the green edging. The slime is slippery, and the hammers can knock you around, but if you go to the right, there is a mint green floor edge you can walk along and never need to touch any of this obstacle.
  7. Stop between platforms. These platforms move fast, and trying to run it all at once will normally result in you being knocked down. Try to wait in between them so you can safely make it to the other side.
  8. Stay in the middle. Objects are going to try to knock you either back down a level or off the map completely. Move up the slime with caution and stay in the middle. That way, if you get knocked around a bit, you will have a better chance of not falling off.
  9. Swerve and jump. The home stretch is here. For the final obstacle, swerve in between the swinging objects and then jump dive into the end zone. Players may try to push you off here, so hustle and do what you can to make it to that finish line.

Here and there, there are a few platforms you can jump up onto early as well. Overall, Slime Climb is tough, but with tricks and strategy, you can break the menacing game down into smaller, more manageable pieces. So, go forth. Run, jump, and dive your way to a clean victory. (Or a dirty victory, if you want to push some players off at the end. We’ll only judge you a little.)