How to switch companions in Final Fantasy XIV

Who are you taking with you?

For the Endwalker expansion in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll now have the chance to interact and speak with your Scion companinions. You can have them follow you and complete adventures together, and you’ll also need them by your side to progress through the story. You won’t be using the same one every time. Depending on your progress through the Main Scenario, you may need to switch companions. Here’s what you need to do to switch companions in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll need first to dismiss your current companion with you. The companion can be dismissed in multiple ways, such as fast traveling, leaving a location, or merely walking up and speaking with them. You can talk with them by right-clicking on the companion and choosing the ‘Part Ways’ options.

After you’ve dismissed your companion, you can then speak to another of your Scion companions. You may have the locate them before doing this. However, you can have multiple companions following you at the same time. For example, you can have G’raha Tia and Krile following you to a starting quest location in Old Sharlayan. You’ll want to make sure to read the specifics of a quest to find out what companion you need to have with you, depending on your timing in the quest.

You can also explore cities to find specific conversation points with your companions to learn about the area. These locations are indicated by the blue aura circles.