How to Take Out Five Snowpeople in Mario Kart Tour


You have the chance to knock out a new challenge in Mario Kart Tour by taking out five snowpeople during a race. There are snowpeople scattered throughout the race track, and hitting them is not going to take too much out of your race. You might focus on it too much and not get first place, but if you repeat tracks, you can get all five pretty quick.

The snowpeople are the snowmen lined up on the side of the track. To take them out, you need to pass your vehicle through them, and this knocks them over. After you’ve done this and take a lap around the map, they’re going to return. You have the opportunity to knock out all five of them in a single race, but it’s not required to accomplish the challenge.

You’re only going to find snowpeople on snow-based maps. For example, the first one, DK Pass, has a snow theme, and you can grind out snowpeople on this track. The next one, Cheep Cheep Lagoon, does not any snowpeople in it. You want to make sure there’s a snow theme to the track before looking for snowpeople.

Because there are only five you need to hit, it shouldn’t take you too long to complete this challenge. If you’re worried about losing your place in the race, you can use throwable items like the green and red shells to take them out along the way.