How to take out Jae-Hyun in Small Man, Big Evil gig – Cyberpunk 2077

The worst in humanity.

There are plenty of plenty looking advantage to the less fortunate in Cyberpunk 2077, and in Night City, Jae-Hyun is one of the worst. He kidnaps people off the strips and then gives them to others to do with as they please.

Where to find the Rooftop Slums

You can reach Jae-Hyun by reaching the restricted area of the rooftop slums. They’re at the top of the large building, so you’ll have to go up several stairs to reach the top when you arrive at the location.

Where to find Jae-Hyun in the restricted slums

Multiple guards protect Jae-Hyun, and you can choose to go in guns blazing or take your time to sneak through the defenses and take out the enemies one at a time. Both methods work, and one is quicker than the other. For those who want to sneak through, when you first arrive at the top, there will be two guards at the top. But you can divert to the small room to the right of them, and they won’t stop you. From there, you can sneak behind them and take them both out effortlessly.

Once those two are gone, proceed forward, and try to find an enemy patrolling nearby there and use the quickhack ping to highlight them. There’s one on the roof and three below. You can jump on some boxes to access the roof and take out the guard overlooking everything so you won’t have to worry about them.

After taking out the guard on the roof, we worked our way forward to take out the guard in the far back, the middle, and then the last one closest to the entrance. The only person left was Jae-Hyun, who was in a makeshift lounge with them all out of the way.

How to neutralize Jae-Hyun

When you find Jae-Hyun in his suite, you can choose to take him out using lethal force or by knocking him out. Both choices work. If you kill him, you’ll need to leave, and halfway down the stairs where you arrived, you’ll receive your reward. But if you knock him out, you’ll have to take his body out of the area and to a car on the bottom floor. When you reach the car, toss his body into the trunk, and the gig is finished.