How to take prisoners and adopt them into your colony in Rimworld Console Edition

Don’t kill what you might come to love.


Image via Ludeon Studios

You’ll begin your journey in Rimworld with a handful of colonists. You need to help them organize their time and energy to build the best base possible and survive. However, you don’t need to stick with those few colonists for the entire playthrough; you can grow your community and see it thrive. This guide explains how to take prisoners and adopt them into your colony in Rimworld Console Edition, so you can prosper and hopefully escape to the stars.

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How to take prisoners

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There are two ways to take a prisoner in Rimworld Console Edition. The first is to draft a colonist, highlight the person that you’d like to capture, open the Interaction menu, and instruct your colonist to take them as a prisoner. The second way is to incapacitate an NPC, usually by shooting or attacking them, then instructing a colonist to capture them. You can’t take any prisoners until you’ve built a single small room with a bed inside. You need to interact with the bed and designate that it’s for prisoners only, the same as how you would designate a medical bed. This will be where your colonists will bring prisoners, locking them inside.

How to convert a prisoner

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Converting prisoners is a lengthy process. Once you’ve captured someone in your prison, you need to select them and click the Tame option from the Interaction menu. This will set your colonists into action and see them attempt to convert the prisoner over time. It will cost you food, but eventually, you should be able to convert the prisoner and have them join your colony. However, prisoners can suffer from mental breaks and smash their way out of prison if you’re not careful. Try to tend to them regularly and keep them as happy as you can be when you’re being held against your will. If you don’t, they’ll get outside, break your stuff, and pass out. After much persuasion, a prisoner should join your colony, but remember that some prisoners are a lost cause and might be worth cutting loose, so they’re no longer your problem.