How to tame and change mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising

How to tame mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortal Fenyx Rising has a massive open-world filled with many side activities and vaults for players to explore. While the game does have a fast travel option, players can’t use it while traveling to new areas. The fastest way to travel to a given location apart from fast traveling is flying; however, if you are not a fan of that, you can use mounts as well.

To tame mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you need to progress through the game until you reach the quest Gods and Monsters. In that quest, the game gives you a mini-tutorial on how to tame mounts.

To tame mounts, first of all, you need to be undetected before you approach a mount. You can do so by simply crouching and slowly approaching it. At times a mount might spot you and get agitated, and you will see a red exclamation mark above it. You should stop moving at that moment else the mount will run away.

Once you are close enough, you will see a button prompt to tame the mount (E key on the keyboard, Triangle/Y on the controller). If you can successfully tame the mount, Fenyx will be able to ride it. The mount’s rarity affects your ability to tame it, with rarer mounts being much harder to tame. Just like the controls on foot, you can use the Shift button (Square/X on the controller) to make the mount gallop.

If you have a mount tamed, you can summon it anytime using the T button (Triangle/Y on the controller). It might be unavailable in certain locations or during certain quests, but if you want to simply traverse the open world, you can summon it any time at your will.

To change mounts, you need to open the inventory. Select the mount option in the inventory, and all your tamed mounts will show up. Simply select the mount you want to use, and that mount will show up whenever you summon your mount.