How to taunt in MultiVersus

Time to celebrate.

Image via Warner Bros.

One of the most time-honored traditions in any competitive video game is to show off to your opponents when you best them in any regard. Regardless of how much you embarrass them, taunting is generally considered a fun way to see a little more of your character’s personality come out quickly. In fighting games like MultiVersus, taunts are specifically made for each character, showing how they would react in each situation. Here is how to taunt in MultiVersus.

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How do you taunt in MultiVersus?

Taunting in MultiVersus is as easy as a button press. When playing on PlayStation or Xbox, just press the corresponding d-pad button to use whatever emote you have set there. At the start, your default emote will be set to Up. On PC, your emote controls are set to T (or 1), 2, 3, and 4. Like on console, press whatever emote is set to that key.

Every character has a default emote set to Up on the controller, or T or 1 on the keyboard and mouse. You can swap them out by going to Collection, choosing the character, and then selecting their emotes next to their character picture. You can earn more emotes by advancing levels in the battle pass or buying them with Gleamium. Unless there is an emote in the free tier of the battle pass, the only way to get new ones is by paying real money on the game.

While some people may be upset to not have a chance to get new emotes for their favorite character for free, it is important to remember that MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, and emotes are hardly essential to your experience in the game. If you are going to buy Gleamium, spend it on the battle pass or permanent unlocks for characters before putting it towards an emote.