How to teach a monkey in The Survivalists

Monkey see, monkey do.

The monkeys you rescue in The Survivialists are extremely helpful in gathering resources for you, making it easier to craft items in the game. The more monkeys you rescue, the more tasks you don’t have to work on yourself. But you need to teach a monkey for them to learn what you want them to do.

To teach a monkey, approach them and click the Q button on your keyboard, or the Y button on your gamepad. Click the option on the left side of the menu, that says “teach monkey.” You then need to have them observe you doing the task while they have an axe and pickaxe sign, with a question mark above their head. You then need to perform the action of what you want them to do, such as cutting down a tree or gathering up a particular resource. After they watch you perform the action, you may need to hand them a tool to help them do the job.

Once they’ve learned the task, and they have the proper tool, the monkey will go straight to work. Unfortunately, if you have them destroying trees for resources, you need to pick up the resources off the ground. The monkey working on that task doesn’t pick it up, so it’s good to know where they’re working to grab those items.