How to get and use the Metal Detector in Dinkum

Finding the treasure underfoot.

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Dinkum brings a bit of Australian wildlife to players in a world where Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley intersect. Tasked with building a community, players will need multiple tools to deal with the wilderness, such as the Metal Detector. The Metal Detector is available at the store, once it has been built, for 6,600 Dinks. Located on the back wall near the Mine Pass, this tool will need to be purchased periodically as they are slowly worn down with use.

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How to use the Metal Detector

The Metal Detector is used to find hidden treasures beneath the ground within Dinkum. Once players purchase the Metal Detector, they will also want to ensure that they are holding a high-durability pickaxe and shovel. These tools are necessary to retrieve the treasure once uncovered.

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Players should hold LMB with the Metal Detector equipped, and begin walking around the overworld. A methodical series of low-pitched beeps will emit from the Metal Detector while searching.

Eventually, the Metal Detector will emit a higher sound and increase in frequency. This means that the treasure is one block away from the current location, in any eight of the possible directions (including diagonals). Once the Metal Detector is activated over a block with a hidden item, switch to your shovel and remove the ground, then to your pickaxe to break open the barrel or chest.

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There is a possibility that loose loot will spawn rather than a container — these come from a similarly randomized loot table as the container, and can drop items such as Old Keys. Metal Detecting can take a while as the lands in Dinkum are quite large. Ensure that your bags are empty before setting off, and that there is a standard assortment of energy-replenishing items. Checking near shorelines tends to have a seemingly better chance for metal to be found.