How to toggle censorship on and off in Lust From Beyond

Play the game how you want to.

Lust From Beyond

Screenshot by Gamepur

The seductive work of Lust From Beyond is full of imagery that will cause anyone uncomfortable with sexual content unease. While this may be the game’s intention, underneath the adult tones is a horror game that sets a sinister atmosphere and provides plenty of thrills.

This is why the developers have included a censored option that pops up every time you load up the game so that you can choose whether you want to see everything in-game as intended.

However, if you want to investigate how far the content goes with the imagery, you can toggle the censorship while in-game. This will cause a large pixelation effect across any object that is deemed to contain sexual connotations. The majority of the imagery is extreme throughout and is shown right from the get-go, so you will know early as to whether you will be able to watch it comfortably.

While it can cause a lot of what you see to blur, you will get a clear view of any items that you need to pick up for story progression that does not contain explicit content, even if there is something in the background that is censored. That said, there are some scenes that can still show content that clearly simulates sexual encounters, so be aware of this.

You do not need to restart the game each time you want to change this. To toggle the game’s censored mode, pause the game and head into the Settings. Under the Gameplay tab, the Censorship option is in the middle of the list of settings. It will ask you to confirm, and immediately after this, all images will be pixelated on screen. You can pause while you are not in control of the character, so if you want to turn the setting off during a disturbing cutscene, you can stop and do so.