How to track resources in New World

Find what you need for your crafting recipes.

Image by Amazon Games Studio

Resources are a fundamental part of New World, and you’re going to need a lot of them to craft weapons, armor, and cooking materials to increase your effectiveness. To make your life easier, you can learn to track resources in the game, but it’s as simple as turning on a switch or highlighting a specific resource. Instead, it’s all about mastering your skills.

The ability to track resources in New World comes from upgrading a specific skill. For example, when it comes to tracking iron, you need to reach level 25 in your mining skill. Before this, you won’t be able to find it, and you’ll need to find specific areas in New World that contain them, which means you’ll have to farm these locations pretty often. Then, when an area dries up, dip out of here to a new site, and return when the resources have respawned. You can find what level you need to hit in the character menu underneath the trade skill menu.

When you can begin tracking a resource, you’ll notice small icons on the top of your compass on your UI. You’ll see small icons of anything you’re tracking, from small animals that you can hunt to specific ore resources. The range appears to be about 100 meters from your character’s position, giving you an extensive range to explore.

This feature can cluster up your compass icon, though. Unfortunately, from what we can tell, there is no way to toggle this feature off.