How to transfer HUD settings between characters in Final Fantasy XIV

Keep everything the same.

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Finalizing all of your preferred UI details in Final Fantasy XIV is an art. You want to ensure you can see all of the important information for your character’s class, along with the chat window, hotkeys, menu options, and party readout. Unfortunately, finding the best HUD settings can take time, and when you make a new character, these settings do not transfer over. Here’s what you need to know about transferring HUD settings between your characters in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to share UI settings between characters

The process is a little challenging. There is no option directly available for it in your game. Instead, you need to find it somewhere on your computer. You can do this by navigating to where you keep Final Fantasy XIV in your files, which you can do by navigating from Your PC > Documents >My Games > Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn. You want to do this even if you’re playing on Steam. Once you reach this page, you want to look for a file that reads, “FFXIV_CHR….,” and multiple numbers will be after the CHR part of this file.

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Each of those files will be the different characters on your character. There will only be one file available if you only have one character, but there could be multiple, making figuring out which character it is. The best way to figure out what character is what file is by quickly logging in with a character, returning to this page, and then clicking any of the FFXIV_CHR files and hitting the “log” folder inside them. A list of multiple logs will be available to you, showing when you last logged in with that character. The one with the latest date will be the character you used in Final Fantasy XIV.

Now, after determining what character is on that file, go into the file of the HUD you want to use and copy all of the DAT files you see underneath the log folder.

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Grab all of them, bring them to the folder of the Final Fantasy XIV you want to have the same HUD layout, and replace those same files with the ones you’ve copied from your main account. After those are copied over, you can freely log into the game, and your new character should have the same UI layout as your primary one. You can do this for every Final Fantasy XIV character you make.