How to transmog weapons and armor in Outriders

Bling yourself out.


Image via Square Enix

Outriders New Horizon update included a huge list of changes and content meant to address criticisms aimed at its endgame. It’s easy for the new transmog system to be buried under the list of changes, especially when Outriders doesn’t make it obvious how to make use of it. Our guide below is aimed at helping out.

To transmog any piece of equipment, you’ll need to be sitting on the inventory screen accessed by using the touchpad on PlayStation or view button on Xbox. Hover over any piece of equipment on the inventory screen and go into the details submenu by pressing X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation. From this submenu, a prompt on the bottom right corner of the screen tells you to press right on the directional pad to go to visual customization menu.

This menu only allows you to select a look for your currently selected loadout. You can’t transmog a weapon or armor piece sitting in the inventory. You’d have to equip it before being able to change its appearance. Transmog designs are categorized by rarity, with designs automatically unlocked upon discovering a new piece of equipment. Even if you dismantle some new gun or armor without adding it to your inventory, the design is unlocked.

One quick method is to sidestep this customization screen provided the desired look is in your inventory. From the inventory screen, select the weapon or armor piece in your loadout that you want to change the appearance of. With it selected, you can head over to the inventory and examine the details of any gun or armor of the same type.

For example, with a double gun equipped in your active loadout, examining the details for any double gun in your inventory lets you apply that appearance without being transported to the visual customization screen by pressing right on the directional pad. There are no limits to the transmog system, letting you change the look of everything as often as you want without any currency or resources.

Screenshot by Gamepur