How to trigger and complete dorm events in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Let your heroes relax.

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Your heroes need a place to rest and relax when they’re not out attempting to save the world, fight a villain, or trying to help clean up the city in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Your characters will stay at a dorm, which you can visit at any time to check up on them, or visit another player’s dorm to clean up a mess their heroes left behind. After completing a commission, your hero will be resting here, and based on the comfort levels of the room, will increase their overall happiness. Another way you can increase a hero’s happiness is by trigging dorm events, and completing them earns you Furniture Points.

To trigger a dorm event, all you have to do is assign any of your heroes to a dorm and then click on that room. You’ll zoom in on the location, and have a bird’s eye view of everything. There will be a small icon that appears above a hero’s head, and that is the dorm event they want to do for that day. The dorm events correspond with an item you can place in the room. Sometimes, you won’t always have that hero’s desired room event, which means you have to buy it, or not do that dorm event today.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you can do a dorm event, click on the hero you want to control, and you’ll zoom down have a third-person view beyond them. You then have to walk them over to the item in the room that lines up with their chosen dorm event and click a chatbox icon with three dots in it. That character will perform the dorm event, and you’ll have completed it for the day. The more heroes and furniture items you have in your dorm, the more dorm events you can complete.