How to turn assists on or off in F1 22

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Regardless of whether you are experienced in racing games or just starting out, sometimes an assist could really come in handy. In EA Sports and Codemasters’ F1 22, players can make use of various assists that can make it somewhat easier to drive in the game, but at the cost of precision. Much like in past games, F1 players will have the option of turning these assists either on or off, and you will have the ability to choose which assists you want active. So, how can you change the assist settings in F1 22? Let’s take a look.

How to turn assists on or off

F1 22 players can go to the Settings in the Main Menu. Select the ‘Settings’ tab, and then go to the ‘Assists’ section. Here, you can change a number of these settings on or off. These options include changing the driving proficiency (which you could set to custom and build your own assist setup), steering and braking assists, traction control, the dynamic racing line indicators, pit assists, as well as turning manual gears on or off via the Gearbox setting.

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Players are also able to change the assist settings before, or during an event in the game. While racing, hit pause to bring up the Pause Menu. Then, follow the same directions as above. Tap on ‘Settings,’ followed by ‘Assists.’ Go through the list of different assists, and choose which ones you want on or off.

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Racing assists can be quite helpful for first-time players, as using these can enable players to get accustomed to the various tracks, as well as the handling of vehicles, and so forth. If you feel the need to shut off these assists at any point, just follow the directions above and turn what you want off.