How to activate DRS in F1 22

Get that extra boost.

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If you want to improve your racing skills in F1 22, be prepared to get acquainted with DRS. DRS is a powerful tool that racers can use at various points of a race to improve speed and make up ground on drivers who are ahead. Much like with real Formula 1 drivers, F1 22 players can use this ability as well. Here’s what you need to know about activating DRS in this year’s game.

How to activate DRS in F1 22

If you’re new to Formula 1 and you may be unaware of what DRS — is it is short for Drag Reduction System. DRS gives a Formula 1 car the ability to lower a flap at the rear wing of the vehicle. The purpose of DRS is to increase the amount of straight-line speed of the car. However, there are two caveats when it comes to using it. First, racers can only utilize DRS in certain areas of the track, which are aptly called DRS Zones. Second, a racer can only activate when it is within one second of the car in front. If you meet these conditions, you are permitted to activate DRS, as long as you’re finished with the first two laps of the race.

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Users in F1 22 can activate DRS either automatically or manually. To have the game activate it automatically, go to the Settings, and move to the Assists tab. Go to the DRS assist, and turn it on.

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If you set it to manual, make sure to be on the lookout for where the DRS zones start and end. DRS zones’ entry points are indicated on the map by a line, followed by a green section. The end of the zone is also indicated by a green line, so be sure to watch for them. Additionally, users should also hear a beep in the audio, which indicates entry into a DRS zone.

To activate DRS in F1 22, be in an active DRS zone and then hit either Y (for Xbox) or Triangle (for PlayStation). This allows you to use the feature, giving yourself a better shot at winning the race.