How to turn in Technical Data in Fallout 76

That data is top secret.

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Fallout 76 is filled with mysteries for you to solve and quests to complete. Sometimes, the two intertwine, and you are left to figure out how to complete a quest. You may have seen Technical Data appear around the wasteland and have no idea what to do with it. When you pick it up, your only goal is to turn it in, yet you aren’t given many clues as to where the data goes. This guide will show you how to turn in Technical Data in Fallout 76.

Where to turn in Technical Data in Fallout 76

Technical Data is an item that you can find throughout the entirety of Appalachia. It can spawn in desks, safes, file cabinets, and industrial trunks. There are even a few enemies that can drop the item for you. The most common area to find Technical Data is the desks in Whitespring Bunker. Other areas that have a higher chance of having this item are Watoga High School, Site Alpha, Site Bravo, Site Charlie, Sugar Grove, and AMS Corporate Headquarters. Once you obtain Technical Data, you will get a miscellaneous task to turn it in.

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To turn in Technical Data, you need to start by going to Camp Venture. This is a Brotherhood of Steel camp that Ghouls and Scorched overtook. You can reach Camp Venture by traveling to the National Radio Astronomy Research Center and heading East or to the Sunday Brothers’ Cabin and heading south.

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Once you get to Camp Venture, head inside the walls and make your way to the cabin in the lower half of the area with the “Storage and Supplies” sign next to the door. Go through the building and down the stairs that lead to the basement. Open the door and hang a left. You will see a red piece of metal that forms a small door on the wall. Interact with it to drop off the Technical Data and complete the quest. There are plenty of other quests and challenges for you to complete, such as hunting down Cryptids.