All event mutations and what they do in Fallout 76

Mutants incoming.

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The wasteland of Appalachia in Fallout 76 is constantly changing, with each update bringing in new ways to play and more encounters to discover. The mutation invasion update added mutated events to the world of Fallout 76. These events offer a new challenge for those tired of the normal day-to-day events in Appalachia. Of course, it is best to know what to expect when you take on these challenges. This guide will show you all the event mutations and what they do in Fallout 76.

How mutated events work in Fallout 76

You may be used to the idea of enemies becoming mutated if you have fought a legendary foe or taken part in the Daily Op mission. Mutated foes get additional bonuses that you must overcome to defeat them. This makes them harder to kill and increases the challenge. When a mutated event goes live, you will see a DNA symbol on the event marker on the map. This, and the green color of the marker, indicate that the enemies have mutated.

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When you highlight a mutated event on the map, it will tell you what mutations are currently active. Mutated events always have one mutation that makes them slightly more challenging to complete, but completing these events also earns you extra rewards. The following mutations can appear on a mutated event:

  • Volatile – Causes enemies to explode when killed
  • Active Camouflage – Enemies in the event are hidden until they attack
  • Resilient – Enemies in the event can only be killed with melee attacks
  • Freezing Touch – Getting hit by an enemy slows you down
  • Toxic Blood – Small poison hazards appear when enemies die
  • Group Regeneration – Enemies heal by being close to each other
  • Swift Footed – Enemies have increased movement and attack speed

When you enter a mutated event, everything will proceed as it would normally during the event. This means that events like Eviction Notice stay the same even when mutated. If you manage to overcome the mutation, you will get extra rewards to show for it.

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Mutated events will get you extra bonuses like more Legendary Cores, legendary items, and Treasury Notes. If there happen to be at least two Fallout 1st members in the event, everyone will get a Mutated Party Pack. This item, when used, will get each player a 3-star legendary item as well as ammo, healing items, and plans. Currently, mutated events are happening every hour on the hour. Later on, the event will continue to happen every other week.