How to turn off crossplay in Dead by Daylight

Quite an easy way to do it.

How to turn off Dead by Daylight crossplay

Dead by Daylight released the crossplay update back in August, and it has lead to an increase in the game’s playerbase over time. It is one of the first games to enable crossplay across all platforms, which includes PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the mobile version doesn’t support crossplay as of now.

While the addition of crossplay is pretty good news for many players out there, some might want to turn off for one reason or the other. The developers have provided an option to turn off crossplay in the game.

To turn off crossplay, you need to be in the main menu first. Do note that you can’t turn off crossplay in the character screen. In the main menu, go to Settings and scroll down. Under the Online section, uncheck the box beside crossplay. This should disable the feature.

If you want to turn off crossplay, do bear in mind that it might increase your matchmaking times significantly. This is likely due to the fact that you get paired with players who have matchmaking turned off, and not just with players who are on the same platform as you.