How to unlock a Wivre mount in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s a marathon not a sprint.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The mounts in Final Fantasy XIV can be some of the most challenging content to unlock while you play the game. These mounts typically feature specific requirements that require quite a bit of grinding and plenty of patience. So if you’re looking to unlock the Wivre mount added in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, you might find yourself crawling to the finish line. In this guide, we’re going to cover what you need to do to unlock the Wivre mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

For the Wivre mount, you want to unlock all of the Endwalker regions in Final Fantasy XIV and complete the Main Scenario quests to make sure you have them all completed. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to increase the ranking of each location’s Share FATE levels. You can check your status under the Travel tab in Shared FATE. You’ll see your progress through each area, and you need to finish FATEs in those six regions to reach level three. After you reach level three, you’ll unlock access to Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers.

Now, with the Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers, you want to earn 500 of them. Each voucher costs 100 Bicolor Gemstones, so that means you might want to save up all of the Bicolor Gemstones you acquire as much as you can. You can only carry 2,000 on your character at any given time. When you have 500 Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers, make your way to Edelina in Mor Dhona, whom you can find at coordinates (X: 22.1, Y:4.9).

It will take you quite some time to grind up these Vouchers. We highly recommend taking your time through this content and working with large groups of players to finish the FATEs in Endwalker quickly.