How to unlock all fighters in Kirby Fighters 2

Choices, choices.

Kirby Fighters 2

Image via Nintendo

Kirby Fighters 2 has plenty of fighters to pick from, but you won’t have access to all of them when you start the game. You begin the game with a choice between Sword, Bomb, and Staff Kirby, and you will only have access to one Buddy, Bandana Waddle Dee. There are 18 more different fighters to unlock, including three more buddies.

To unlock them, you will need to grind away at the game’s story mode. Getting through levels and climbing the tower in the story mode will earn you experience. As your fighter ranks up, you will unlock new fighters as rewards at specific ranks.

You can find all the fighters, and exactly how to unlock them, shown in the table below.

Unlocks atFighter
Rank 2Wrestler
Rank 3Gooey **
Rank 6Yo-Yo
Rank 10Beam
Rank 11Beetle
Rank 13Hammer
Rank 16Fighter
Rank 21Artist
Rank 24Cutter
Rank 27Whip
Rank 28Archer
Rank 30Water
Rank 31Parasol
Rank 33Ninja
Rank 37Bell
Rank 45Magalor **
Finish Chapter 5Meta Knight
Finish all hidden stagesKing Dedede **
Fighters marked with ** are Buddy Fighters

There are only two fighters that you cannot unlock by ranking up, Meta Knight and King Dedede. Meta Knight will be unlocked when you complete Chapter 5 of the story. King Dedede is a much tougher challenge, however. To unlock this Buddy, you will need to finish 50 secret levels that you will only get access to after you finish the story. You will need to finish all of them to add King Dedede to your collection of fighters.