How to unlock all new weapons in the Dead Cells Everyone is Here DLC

It’s an indie block party.

Image via Motion Twin

Dead Cells Update 26, titled Everyone is Here, brought in weapons and skins from six other indie titles that players can use on their runs. The new weapons are the Pure Nail from Hollow Knight, the Bone from Skul, the Hard Light Sword/Hard Light Gun from Hyper Light Drifter, the Face Flask from Blasphemous, the Pollo Power from Guacamelee, and the Machete and Pistol from Curse of the Dead Gods.

Although many upgrades in Dead Cells require some pretty unusual methods to unlock, these are much more straightforward. To find each one, simply search the game’s first zone, the Prisoner’s Quarters, for special rooms themed after each game. Each room will have an interactable object inside that will unlock the corresponding weapon.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While searching, you won’t need to use any of the game’s unlockable rune powers to access the special runes. If you’ve climbed a growing vine, you’ve gone the wrong way. Although all of the new weapons can be found in the same zone, take note that you will only ever find one per run and will have to search the Prisoner’s Quarters six times to find all six of them.

Unlike other weapons in Dead Cells, there’s no need to worry about taking blueprints to the end of the level or even spending cells on them. Once you pick up these crossover weapons, they’ll be permanently unlocked in your game.