How to unlock all the hidden characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

New warriors join the fight.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes have many hidden characters that can be unlocked and used during campaign runs. These characters aren’t easy to find, as some require significant playtime before you can unlock them for yourself. This guide will show how to recruit these powerful allies in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.

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Unlocking Byleth and Jeralt

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Byleth and Jeralt are not hidden, but the path to recruiting these two powerful allies isn’t apparent during the campaign. During chapter 10, an in-mission opportunity will open up, which will allow you to unlock them. When you see the message to pursue Byleth, run back to headquarters. Complete the secret quest that will begin before Byleth does, and you will unlock Byleth and Jeralt.

Use the guide above for a comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of this process. Unlocking them is required for unlocking the first hidden character, Arval, in Three Hopes.

Unlocking Arval, Rhea, and Sothis

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These three hidden characters can’t be unlocked until you complete your first story mode run. Once you have beaten the game, the opportunity to recruit these characters will become available.

Arval has a unique requirement compared to the other two. To unlock Arval, you must also be sure to recruit Byleth and Jeralt during your campaign run. Follow the guide above to make sure you have this first step done.

To recruit these strong fighters, head to your quarters during your endgame or new game plus save file. You will have the option to unlock them with Renown. Each character will cost a hefty 60 Renown, so farming this rare commodity will be essential to unlocking all three characters.

If you are finding yourself low on Renown, we have you covered. One quick way is to complete story missions while capturing a small amount of territory. Renown can be earned in a variety of ways, and learning what to spend it on can help you save the right amount for unlocking these hidden characters.