How to unlock Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Byleth joins Smash! Sorry I meant Three Hopes.

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Fire Emblem has a long history of hidden characters that can be unlocked and used during campaign runs. Three hopes keep that legacy going, with a handful of powerful characters that can be recruited. Byleth, the titular hero of Three Houses, is one of these hidden characters. This guide will break down each step needed to recruit this powerful fighter in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.

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How to find and recruit Byleth

Finding Byleth is one of the harder in game challenges, as it isn’t explained at all in game that you can completely miss out on recruiting them into your army.

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To begin the hunt for Byleth, you must go through the campaign until you reach late game chapters. Once you get to this point in any of the three unique story routes, Scarlet Blaze, Azure Gleam, or Golden Wildfire, you will meet the first step required to find them. After reaching this point, you will have a chance to see a message stating, “Your actions in this battle will greatly impact the outcome of the story.” Create a save file before this battle if you need to try again, as the timing for this is rigid.

The Blue Lions – Azure Gleam Path

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During the Blue Lions campaign, you must reach Chapter 12. The primary story mission at the end of the chapter is where you will find Byleth. You must complete all side missions and have the locate ambushers strategy unlocked before the final mission.

  1. Start the mission and proceed to take over enemy strongholds located near your starting point. Once prompted, use the locate ambushers strategy to start the following sequence of events. Then select all of your allies and use the All Out Defense order to have all partners retreat to the starting base.
  2. Once all of your armies are assembled home, avoid Byleth, who will spawn and start advancing through the center of the map. Head to number two on the map pictured above and defeat Fleche and other enemies that spawn in this corner.
  3. Once you defeat Fleche, head to spot three and attack Randolph. Byleth will return to the base and try to help Randolph, but make sure to beat Randolph and leave Byleth alone. If you perform these three steps properly, Byleth and Jeralt will join after a brief cutscene.

The Golden Deer – Golden Wildfire Path

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The Golden Deer campaign will allow you to recruit Byleth during the final mission of Chapter 10.

  1. Like the Blue Lions, capture all of the starting enemy strongholds and clear out the southeast corner of the map. Claude will offer to be a decoy and advance to spot three on the map.
  2. While Claude is advancing to the opposite corner, use all of your forces to defeat Alois and Yuri in spot two. If you have unlocked the recruit Yuri strategy, make sure to do so as it makes this section easy.
  3. While Claude is retreating back to the starting location on the map, travel to the southwest corner and head up to spot three on the map. Defeat Fleche before Byleth can return to help her. Successfully pulling this off will allow you to recruit Jeralt and Byleth.

The Black Eagles – Scarlet Blaze Path

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The Black Eagles campaign works in a similar fashion as the Golden Deer. During the final battle of Chapter 10 will present an opportunity to recruit Byleth. You must complete all side missions in this chapter to unlock the resonant lightning strategy

  1. Send all your troops to the first spot on the map and protect your allied engineers. Activate the resonant lightning strategy when prompted. Ignore the mission to take and capture enemy strongholds.
  2. When Byleth appears, ignore the side mission to defeat them and wait near the broken bridge at point two on the map above. After a short while, the engineers will repair the bridge. This will allow you to cross the gap and flank the enemy army.
  3. continue to the northeast corner at spot three. Once you reach the enemy stronghold, you must defeat Alois and Rodrigue. Use your most potent attacks during this encounter to ensure a swift victory. After Rodrigue falls, the ending cutscene will play out with Jeralt and Byleth joining your party.

Recruiting Byleth is essential to recruiting Arval much later on. Having Byleth in your party will unlock a secret route near the end of each of the three campaigns.