How to unlock and remodel facilities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Designer

Facilities are great for unleashing your creativity.

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Facilities are one of the features of the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons. These buildings can be designed after you access the DLC. There are quite a few facilities to customize like the school, cafe, and restaurant. Before you can do something with these old locked buildings, however, you will need to unlock the DLC.

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Begin Happy Home Paradise by taking a flight out to the island chain after talking to Lottie at the airport. Tom Nook will call you after the DLC is downloaded and you will get introduced. Once you are on the islands, you can officially start your work as a designer.

After you have created a few designs, Lottie will tell you that it is time to take a break. When this happens, run outside and you will find Lottie to the left of the main office building in front of the building that will become the school. She will have a thought bubble above her head. Talk to her and she will bring up the idea of doing something with the old buildings.

Keep doing your work and Lottie will mention getting the permits for the school. When this happens, you will start designing the new facility. You get plenty of customization options for the school like sidings, roofs, doors, and bells. This is similar to the rest of the facilities like the cafe. You will first design the outside and then proceed to design the inside. You unlock more facilities later on as you design more homes.

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After designing a facility, you will need to choose the villagers who will work in them. A new screen will appear where you can select villagers to be the employees. You can also press X to customize the outfit they are wearing from a long list of different options.