Rad – How To Unlock The Armory


The new rogue-like adventure game, Rad, depicts the world after it’s gone through two different apocalypses. The world has become a savage place, and as such, it is your duty as one of the youthful members of a small outpost to go out and seek new power. However, you don’t want to venture into the wasteland without knowing where your armory is or how to unlock. Here’s the quickest way to open the armory in Rad.

Unlocking the Armory in Rad

Where is it?

You’re going to find the armory to the left of where you come out when you first begin a run. After you’ve walked out of the entranceway covered in violet luminescent lights, go down the stairs to your left. You’re going to see a youthful, redheaded kid named Biff standing with his back to a wall of blanks with small hooks coming out of them. This location is where you’re going to choose what weapon you take with you into combat before every run. You shouldn’t have any in the beginning, but you’re going to acquire more later on as you progress through the game.

If you go too far, use the picture of Biff as an indicator to the exact location.

How do you unlock it?

You’re going to unlock this area once you’ve gone through enough runs and accrued enough mutation points throughout your game. You’re not going to open it by beating a particular boss or by getting to a certain point in the game. All you need to do is continue to acquire mutation points by smashing enemies, running over small plants that give you some, or by increasing the mutation process through consumable items. You can die on every single boss encounter, but as long as you reach the third full bar at the end of the run, you should acquire the brand new melee weapon, the Mender Sceptre. This weapon is the first new one you can equip to your main character during a brand new run.

You do have to die to unlock. If you’re having a good run and want to start over to try out a brand new weapon, you’ll have to take a dive or get into a hairy situation. You won’t know you’ve unlocked the armory until you start over.