How to unlock Asphodelos (Savage) in Final Fantasy XIV

Get ready to raid.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Patch 6.05 comes with a load of new content, the most expected of which is the first Savage tier for the expansion. Asphodelos (Savage) is the end-game of the Endwalker launch patches, and unlocking them requires a few steps to be cleared first, as you can’t expect to just barge on into Pandaemonium without preparing a little bit first. Here’s how to unlock Asphodelos (Savage) in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before anything else, you need to have unlocked and beaten Asphodelos (Normal) 1 through 4. This means you must have defeated Hesperos and turned in the quest Who Wards the Warders? Immediately after completing this quest, an NPC across the room from where you submitted it should pop up with the Savage unlock quest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you did all of this before and simply are lost, the NPC in question, Nemjiji, is located in Labyrinthos (x: 8, y: 27). Upon speaking with this NPC, you will unlock Asphodelos (Savage) in the Raid Finder. Keep in mind that you must have a minimum of 570 item level to attempt this raid — and it is recommended that you clear the associated Stone, Sky, Sea with it to ensure that you are passing the bare minimum level of DPS required.