How to unlock Clank in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Clank’s Challenge event guide

You’re a rift apart from the competition with this skin.

Screenshot via PlayStation YouTube

Clank has joined his buddy Ratchet for another sci-fi-themed live event in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. As you progress through Clank’s challenge event, you’ll gain new skin color, patterns, a costume based on the popular robot, and even his signature laugh. Here’s how to unlock Clank and his other items.

For those unaware, live events challenge players to fulfill goals in exchange for rewards. Separate from the normal challenges on offer every day, event challenges run for a longer period of time and can be tougher to complete. You will need 2000 points to unlock everything in the event. For Clank’s Challenge, developer Mediatonic challenges you to complete the following tasks:

  • Jump 20 times – 100 points
  • Grab 10 players during a round – 100 points
  • Earn at least Bronze Medal in any round two times – 100 points
  • Reach round 2 in Squad Trios Show – 100 points
  • Dive 40 times – 200 points
  • Earn at least a Silver Medal in any round five times – 200 points
  • Qualify from Team Rounds 1 time – 200 points
  • Reach round 4 in Squad Trios Show – 300 points
  • Earn at least a Gold Medal in any round five times – 300 points
  • Win Squads Trios – 500 points
Screenshot by Gamepur

All of these challenges make for 2,100 points, so you can only skip one 100 point challenge if you want to get all of the rewards from this event. If you just want the Clank’s full costume, you’ll have to gain 1,600 points.

For the Squads Trios mode, we recommend you teaming up with friends to get the win. It can be tough if you go it alone as communication can be key. For grabbing 10 players during a round, we recommend utilizing this move during a survival round like rollout rather than a race. The challenge requires you to master this season’s rounds, and it will take a lot of practice. It’s a good thing then that the event doesn’t end until August 16.