How to unlock courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Need to see new fairways?

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In the sports world, there are not many different games that take place over such a wide variety of locales as golf. Many sports have very similar arenas that the competition is taking place in. Depending on where the course is, a lot of factors can affect your game. In Mario Golf: Super Rush, the idea is the same. Each course, while having the same idea to necessitate basic golf is there, each one will need to be approached differently than the last. Unfortunately, when you first start up the game, only two of the game’s six courses can be played. Here is how you can unlock the remaining four courses and play at different locations.

To unlock new courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush, you will need to play through the single-player Golf Adventure mode or play an entire 18 hole round on each course. Golf Adventure is a light-RPG story mode where you will control your Mii as they train and level up to become a better golfer.

As you play throughout this mode, you will eventually take place in tournaments.  To unlock the next golf course in line, you will need to continue the story until you access that area in Golf Adventure. Once you are able to go to that new course in the single-player mode, you will be able to access it in the other game modes. Return to the main menu, and you will get a message saying you unlocked it.

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There is an additional way to unlock courses if you do not want to play through the story mode. When you are in any of the Play Golf modes, you can scroll over each locked course to see the criteria for unlocking them. Luckily, the only thing you need to know is you need to play a whole 18 hole round on each course except the Rookie Course to unlock the next one in line. Just select Standard Golf and set it to 18 holes. When you finish the round, the next course will unlock.